We are here to support, help and guide you through your difficulties/ problems.

Medical Consultations / General Practice / Family Medicine

We are able to provide traditional private family / general practitioner consultations and second opinions, and for existing clients we are able to provide  telephone advice in some situations

  • Referrals
    If required we are able to refer patients to suitable specialists.
  • Laboratory Investigations
    Generally blood tests are taken by our qualified consultants and processed at the local private hospital. Results are available routinely in 24 hours.

Psychological / Emotional Consultations

Many people are not operating at 100% of the capacity. This is often due to stress, limiting beliefs, and unprocessed experiences. Some would call this Cognitive Distortion or Errors of Thinking. Through sessions it is usually possible to make significant progress to deal with issues that may have been causing stress for a long time or as a result of a recent strong experience.

We primarily use NLP, CBT and other proprietary models. We will enable you to learn how to use this in your life to change your negative thinking and emotions into positive thinking.

We can also provide information on resources to enable you to continue your growth and deepen your learnings at your own pace, including access to workshops, books, cds and dvds.

We do not provide Psychotherapy, however we are able to refer you to suitable therapists if required.

Integrity and Communication Counselling

The quality of your life is a function of the quality of your communication.

Many people have blockages and breakdowns caused by the way they think, act and communicate towards themselves first and then with the outside world.

We have access to the primary experts in the area of Integrity and Communication Counselling.

Holistic Life Design / The Merlin Method™

We are certified to provide Holistic Life Design and The Merlin Method ™

Creating a vision for your life that is integrated and which incorporates the personal, family and business is vital part of building a life you love and structures to support yourself moving forward. This is a very powerful process which has been refined over thirty years.