Dr Hedley Consulting and Counselling

Dr K R Hedley

Dr K. R. Hedley

Dr K. R. Hedley provides traditional private family / general practitioner consultations and second opinions, and is also available for telephone advice for current clients. She does not provide ‘on call’ services at evenings, nights or weekends.

Dr K. R. Hedley has been established as a NHS G.P. in Tunbridge Wells for over 30 years which provides her with a strong track record, deep understanding of patients and client needs and enables suitable private referrals to be made to top specialists with whom she has formed strong working relationships over the years. She is also in a position to be aware of high flying new specialists’ talent for referrals too.

Dr K. R. Hedley was involved in G.P. Training for over 25 years and helped train directly over 30 new doctors during that time.

Areas which clients note as very useful.

Psychological Medicine
Dr Hedley has a special interest in mental health. In today’s high pressure world anxiety and depression can be major problems. She has trained and been certified in Hypnosis, NLP, CBT and other modalities.

Laboratory Investigations
Generally blood tests are taken by myself and processed at the local private hospital. Results are available routinely in 24 hours.

I aim to provide first class personal medical care and attention. The patient in the United Kingdom is still fortunate in being able to use the services of the private General Practitioner who is able to have such great involvement in their care whilst remaining independent.

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